Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remember When... #1

There are things I want to remember about my children, things they say or have done.  I'll be honest, I've slacked on the baby books, so I will use my blog to periodically record these moments.

Kaden when he was little to age three....

Swimming Soup - swimming soup

Kaffy Renney-  Kathy Renze

Kaden reading the whole "Bear At Breakfast"

"Me and Daddy are boys, and you and Aeri are princesses"

His 'HEY' during jingle bells!

Ask him to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" and he'll end it with 'Now I know my ABC's....'

When he first learned to count, he found a picture of him, Aeri, and his two cousins.  He counted each person, "one, two, three, four....four friends!"

Hearing him recite the local radio station tag line along with the radio broadcaster.

His favorite song right now is "Sky scraper"- he does lips, facial expressions, and everything

He also recites Lady Gaga and "I Feel Again"

Talking about the baby kittens and adult cats, "Those are big titties, and those are little titties."

The first time he saw Lake View, "WOW, look at that big swimming pool!"

Talking to me about a ball of his I put outside(and forgot about) because he was throwing it inside-
K) Mom, I need to water my flower garden.
M) What flower garden?
K) The one where my pig ball is at.
M) What pig ball?
K) The one you put outside so I couldn't play with it anymore, my green pig ball

How we used to tell him, if you're happy and you know it wiggle your knees!  A sight to see coming from an uncoordinated two year old.

How he has to dance on the big rocks outside of Target on 141 near Des Moines.

Kaden telling me he is going to get big, and I am going to get little, and then he can carry me and hold me.

Kaden telling me we are going to be snuggly bears and best friends forever.

Aerington little to age two......

Taden- Kaden

"I NOT a woman"

Eating dinner one night, "I not talkin to mom, I talkin to daddy"

"Thanks momma"

When Aeri bumped her toe and then sat down and pulled her foot up to kiss her own toe.

"God damn it my tummy's sick"

"Have a good damn day"

Aeri talking to the kittens and cats, "Hi kitty, hi kitty"

Aeri as a 1 year old standing in the cart, going through Target, waving both hands and smiling at people like she's in a parade.

Aeri telling me "You so pitty"- something I tell her each night.

When Aeri wakes up and gives me a kiss randomly in the middle of the night.

Aeri's little hands patting my back.

Aeri's first friend she talks about at home, John from daycare.

More memories to come!  

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