Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm a Lion- Hear Me Roar!

So yesterday, I posted two truths and a lie and there were a lot of good guesses but no one was right!

A) I used to check into classes, say I was going to the bathroom, and then go get breakfast with a friend who would do the same- we were never marked absent.
B) I was suspended from school for a high school prank on Homecoming, that I didn't participate in.
C) I missed my Spanish final because I was eating lunch with girls at a Mexican restaurant and time got away from us.  

A) Truth.  I had choir in the morning and a student did attendance as people were coming into the room and put the slip outside.  The teacher never re-verified and I satisfied my hunger, and other errands I wanted to do during that time.  I can't sing, never have been able to, and choir wasn't going to help my case.

B) TRUTH!   Originally when I posted I accidentally put 'expelled', but quickly changed it to suspended when I realized I mixed it up.  A couple of my guy friends egged a teacher's house (BAD I know), the teacher saw three figures, and caught one of them.  I had been with them that night, but did not participate in the egging.  Well, one of the guys only had one more strike and he would be out of sports for the rest of his high school career- we had two more years of high school left.  So the next morning, I showed up at school early and said I was the one they saw throwing the eggs.  We were suspended for three days, but could make up homework later.  Strange enough, my parents were fine with it after I explained why I did it. 

C) LIE.  Although I could have totally seen this happening to me. 

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