Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Love Flying Monkeys

Did that get your attention? I am totally not talking about this kind of monkey, although I am fond of them too.

I am completely in love and obsessed with Flying Monkey pants.  A friend of mine introduced me to them, and I am now the proud owner of four pairs and more to come! 

On Valentine's day, I like to throw some red or pink into a simple outfit.  Since I have found a  new love for these pants, today I am donning the Flying Monkey Cherry Corduroy Skinny.

I'll be honest, I ordered the corduroy on accident and when I got them last night I thought about sending them back.  After putting them on today, I found that I love them and the look and feel!  I'm still ordering the regular cherry red pant, but I think my simple Valentine's outfit turned out to be a cute simple outfit! (Ignore my awful hair!  I wear it curly when I'm lazy!)

You can get Flying Monkey pants at an awesome price online with Gliks right now!  And then I used RetailMeNot and found another promo code for 20% off!  That promo code is: DTL934

You can't be that!  Have a great Valentine's!

1 comment:

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