Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mommy Confessions: We Don't Have Everything

The Memoirs of Megan

Linking up again for Mommy Confessions!

So here it is, my kids don't have everything and they probably won't growing up.  But we make the best of everything we do have.

My kids don't have their own swing set in their yard.  It is a goal of mine and my husband's.  But my kids do have a park in town, and plenty that we stop at on the way home.  

My kids don't have the latest toys or a ton of toys but the toys we do have are rarely played with.  Right now my children prefer puzzles, books, and play-doh over toys.  Let their imagination and creativity grow!  And they are so much more appreciative when there is the surprise of a toy, a new movie, at their birthday and at Christmas. 

We don't have a big house, or the best house, but it's a house that is lived in.  Do I want to live here another year?  No.  But while I'm here, we make the best of it.  It's full of love, comfort, and happiness.  

My kids don't have brand new name brand clothes, but what they do have are named brand clothes I got at a second hand store.  Second hand stores are amazing.  In the three years since Kaden has been alive, I have spent less than $100 total on 'new' clothes, and gotten a ton of great used clothes for way cheap.  

My kids won't be given their first car.  They will know work to earn that, just as I have.  It is far more appreciated if their is some personal elbow grease involved. 

My children will pay for some or all of their college...unless I win the lotto.  I worked hard to pay for my college and am paying for it now.  At one point I messed up, I would feel terrible if my parents were paying for that portion.  I am proud that I have paid for my college education.  

My children may not have it all when it comes to material things, but they have it all when it comes to love, respect, and learning how to make a great life out of what you are given, and to work for a better life through the talents and gift God has given you.  


  1. I love this post, because I totally feel like its me.
    We live paycheck to paycheck, but have lots of love and not brand names.
    Thanks for linking
    Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

  2. I love this! It's so hard because I want to give Benjamin everything, but I honestly believe that's not what's best for him. I was really lucky growing up - I got everything I wanted and then some, but I didn't appreciate anything - and honestly, I still have a hard time with appreciating things. The less you have and the harder you have to work for things, the more you appreciate them - and I think you end up happier in the long run too.

    And AMEN to second-hand kids clothing stores. I can hardly even stand to shop at discount stores like Marshall's/TJMaxx because I'm so spoiled with the amazing prices at a used store in our area. I'm obsessed!

  3. I don't even have a back yard big enough for a sing set to be an option. But, we do live near parks and we walk to them. We don't have everything either and that can be hard in my neighborhood where every 18 month old is gymnastics or swim or something.