Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap- Super Heros!

I loved, loved, loved my weekend! 

Friday night I had drinks with friends and co-workers and ended up listening to a fun band.  I got to have drinks with Beth and introduce her to a few friends of mine. 

Saturday my Mary Kay director drove up from Kansas City.  We facialed an amazing young woman who has just moved to our area from Minnesota.  She used to live on a hobby farm that sadly burnt to the ground.  She lost all her animals in this fire except for her horses and one dog that made it out.  It was sad to meet her, but I feel lucky to meet her.  She has an amazing story and is overcoming so much! Truly an inspiration!

We also had a shower for one of my friends who is getting married!  We did makeup for several ladies.  It's so fun to make women feel better and do colors on them they normally wouldn't try but end up loving!  

Sunday was my same lazy Sunday with the kids.  Kaden has been wanting me to tie his blanket like a super hero cape.  We cut apart old t-shirts instead and made our own super hero capes!  Kaden has a cracker, violin, hawkeye's helmet, and a trampoline with a chair next to it(you know, so you can climb up on the trampoline).  Aeri drew her own!

My super heroes everyday!!

And just for fun and because I love him, here's a picture of my deaf baby boy, who still has no name!!

Linking up with Sami today!  How was your weekend?

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