Friday, March 1, 2013


Auuughhhhhhh!  I'm so glad it's Friday! TGIF! TGIF!  So let's dig through this week and find 5 positive things in it.

1. I'm alive and well as are my children, family, and fur-babies.  I have a house, a job (even if it's been grueling), a functional car (despite the malfunctions, warning lights, messed up guages), food in my belly, clothes on my back.  These are the biggest things I have to high five about this week- sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and be thankful you have the basics.

2. I have added a beautiful lady to my team in Mary Kay.  She offers a lot with her great personality, drive for success, cosmetology background, and is a very relatable person.  She's going to be a great asset to our team and is going to be so successful.  I can't wait to work with her! My goal is to build a fun team of ladies and implement a studio setting in our area and offer how to's, skin care, and fun events for women and men in our surrounding areas.

3. My mom hosted a friend over to try some products quick- no class, facial, etc.  Just to try some bronzers and powders quick.  This 30 minute visit resulted in $100 dollar night in sales.  Thank you mom for that, every bit helps and I'm really trying to reach my goal this quarter!

4. I work for a chiropractic doing tech support for a software he developed.  Big bonus because my clumsy self missed the patch of ice hiding under the beautiful dusting of snow today and completely wiped out hard.  I mean hard.  Really hard.  Do you like how I talk about the snow and make it sound pretty when really I have a lot of dark mean negative things in my head?  Anyways, free adjustment today and another coming Monday.  High Five to that!

5. It's Friday, I made it to Friday.  High Five to me on that.  It's been a helluva a week and I'm doing my best to be a positive little butterfly.  I feel like Jekyll and Hyde with multiple personalities. 

I hope my blog made you smile a little.  It's been a grueling week for me so I can only take it with sarcasm and try to make it funny.  Hope your weekend is amazing!

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  1. Sometimes I feel like Toby feels like that cat in the picture haha. I will have to hit you up when I reorder some of the Mary Kay make up primer :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!


    1. Thanks Jaime! How is Toby doing? And yes, hit me up!

  2. I second Beth! Great idea on the studio! Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks it's a goal of mine! I think people will like it a lot better too!