Monday, April 1, 2013

Miss Lucy is Here!

If there is one in thing life, that makes me feel alive, it's animal rescue. It's something I have so much passion for. I don't feel that I'm truly living, serving a purpose, changing a life, unless I am saving one.

 In the past 6 years of my life, I would estimate I have touched over 1000 lives fur and human combined through fostering and adoption. I have fostered well over 200 animals that have been adopted to well deserving families who's lives are then benefited and changed. I have helped dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and even snakes and lizards find homes or rescues who have the knowledge to safely place them.

 I have seen the cruelty and astonishing effects of hoarding situations, abuse, neglect and abandonment. I've have learned more than I have ever wanted to know about what goes on in backyards and homes around you, that you think does not go on. I have also learned not to shut my eyes, turn my head, or close my mouth when it comes to these lives. If you don't stand up for them, no one will. I have amazing lives I will share some day.

 But tonight, I want to share my new little foster baby who just arrived. This is Lucy, a 5 year old schnauzer/poodle mix(some would call her a schnoodle- a fancy word for this mix breed mutt).

 Lucy was living neglected for 5 years when an elderly woman rescued her off of a flier she saw in the store. Her rescuer became ill and couldn't care for her like she needed. She was spending a lot of time in crate and not getting the practice she needed for housetraining and the care and attention she wanted.

 She called one of my favorite rescues, PETS out of Panora, Iowa and now she's here hogging my husband's lap, much to the dismay of Smudge, another foster kitty in the home.

I'm so blessed to have her.  Tonight is her first night, she's not sure about sharing the attention with the dogs and the cats yet, but she's doing beautifully.  No accidents so far, listens well, and is being just an all around great girl!

To follow the great things that PETS rescue group is up to, check our their Facebook Page!

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